About Us  


Louma UK is the UK agent for the world renowned Louma Crane. Alongside our partners LoumaSystems in Paris, we are constantly involved in the development and manufacture of remote camera cranes and heads. 

The original Louma Crane is known worldwide as the very first remote controlled camera crane, used extensively in the Film and TV Industries. 

The history of the Louma goes back as far as the early 1970s with Jean-Marie Lavalou and Alain Masseron developing an idea they had whilst making a film inside a submarine. Several years of work and development in Paris, alongside David Samuelson in London, and involving many prototypes, gave the film industries around the world not only the Louma, but the concept of the remote controlled camera crane. This innovation was justifiably rewarded in 2005 upon receipt of an `Oscar`:  

Adam Samuelson has been involved with the original Louma and the Louma 2 telescopic camera crane for over thirty years, working all around the world, gaining vast knowledge and experience that is invaluable in dealing with the film productions of the future and helping productions to get the maximum from their shooting schedule. 

This experience has given Adam the necessary skills to be an invaluable part of the development and ongoing enhancements of the Louma 2 telescopic Crane and he now acts not only as the main point of contact for Louma UK, but as consultant for all the rental houses worldwide who act as Louma 2 agents.