The innovative concept of a small TFT monitor mounted on the side of a camera crane arm which rotates gives the grip optimum viewing angle at all times.


The rotation ratio is adjustable to ensure that the flat front of the monitor faces towards the grip at all times, regardless of the movement of the arm.


The Inclomonitor is a collaboration between three specialist companies and is offered for sale or rent for use on any camera crane and will work with any TFT up to 9".




Attached to the rear of the crane arm by K clamp and magic arm, the 12 - 30v unit could not be easier to use. Simple control switches allow the monitor angle to be adjusted to the ideal initial viewing angle, the ratio at which the monitor rotates and a push button to reset the monitor to the central vertical position. 

* Trademark & Patent applied for.



Sales agents:
France LoumaSystems + (33) 1 48 13 25 60 Contact: Nicolas Pollacchi
USA / CA Panavision Remote Systems + (1) 818 316 1080 Contact: Richard Amadril
New Zealand The Dolly Shop + (64) 9 838 1943 Contact: Dennis Thompson
Technical Enquiries - Mark Dalton + 44 (0) 7973 908 319


VIDEO of Inclomonitor in use.




Inclomonitor Price List 

INCLOMONITOR Inclomonitor with:


6mm mounting thread


` L ` bracket with BSW monitor screw


Lemo dc power connector plug (Unconnected)
£ 615
Articulated Arm Noga Black Anodised Arm:


M8 - 163mm x M6 - 113mm with spigot.


Larger than a standard on board TFT monitor arm making it simple to position the Inclomonitor on either side of the crane arm.


* Manfroto super clamp not included.
£ 120
Manfroto Super Clamp £ 25
  Cable loom 15ft / 5m  BNC video & XLR 4 d.c. power cable in protective sleeve. £ 65
  Carrying Case Pelicase to hold Inclomoitor, arm, TFT monitor & cable. POA
  12v Battery 12v battery with charger housed in a Pelicase. POA


Prices exclude shipping & VAT.
12 months parts and labour Inclomonitor warranty from the date of purchase.
Technical Enquiries - Mark Dalton + 44 (0) 7973 908 319