Data Streaming

In collaberation with Previs / VFX companies Louma 2 is able to create real time Virtual Studio enviroments including live Performance Capture (MoCap) - all from a single laptop.

In studio or out on location, all the camera positioning data is extracted from within the Louma 2 internal network. No tracking markers or other referance objects are requred in front of camera.

There is practically no delay in the entire system. To the camera operator everything feels and reacts as normal, enabling shot composition between live action and CG images simple.

Benefits of the system for the Director, Producer, DOP, Camera Operator and Grips

  • Representation of the final image - live in camera
  • Direct performances with CGI characters and Virtual Sets in one take. No split performances required.
  • Total understanding of the shot - framing, timing, action, camera movement and eye lines viewed in real time.
  • Explore camera angles that would not be possible without CGI composition.
  • Time and cost savings are made by acheivings composite shot quicker on set and in the post production process.

Louma 2 is able to export a real time data stream enabling the accurate position and movement of the camera to be tracked at any given moment. The data can be used in real time to overlay CGI background plates enabling the director to shoot green screen scenes while viewing the composite picture.

Working in conjunction with the VFX department to synch the data to a CGI model, Louma 2 becomes a 3 dimensional virtual reality studio tool where the data from the crane drives the background image as the camera moves in space.

High resolution encoders are built into the crane from which a single cable sends the data for conversion to various formats (Flair, Maya etc..) for post production purposes.

A data technician is used on set to record the data for each take of a shot which is put onto a memory stick or disk. The files are then used in post production to match move the lens path which saves time and money in the VFX process. Synching the first frame of data to the image is done with a bloop light in frame. The orientation of the CGI world centre or starting reference point is achieved by either shooting footage of a 3D frame cube or by taking notes of where the centre post of the Louma is in relation to the set or green screen.